The Physiology of Digital Art

Stephen Vitiello

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Stephen Vitiello is a visual and sound artist. Originally he was a guitarist for a punk rock band. Over the years he has collaborated with many visual artist including Pauline Oliveros, Joan Jonas, and Robin Rimbaud. He was a resident artist at the world trade center in 1999, where he recorded sounds from the 91st floor, using microphones he made himself. Stephen has about 12 Cd’s and been apart of many exhibitions and productions. It’s obvious he has a lot of talent. A lot of time goes into creating his pieces and I think it definitely shows.

I personally like his stuff, but I don’t think I’d put it onto my iPod anytime soon. These are pieces that I’d listen to when I’m doing work or reading and have it playing in the background (at least the stuff he has up on iTunes anyway). Some of his more artsy pieces, things that came from the world trade center for example are interesting, and eerie for obvious reasons. I found them nice to listen to, but none really held my attention, or made me want to listen to the whole song. It was more like ‘okay so this is what this is . . .Skip to the next one’. For example, His ‘Color of Sounds’ were interesting, and a but weird as colors don’t make sounds. They were interesting because of that and it kind of made you think what do you yourself think yellow sounds like. But that also makes it weirdish because it goes against normal sensory perception. Which is cool for the most part.

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