The Physiology of Digital Art

Bill Viola

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Bill Viola is an artist that is known very well by the art world. He is known to work a lot with video and really help establish the use of video in the contemporary art world. His works are described by his website as being universal, as they deal with universal experiences. Also he likes to explore sense perception within his works. He went to Syracuse University and has lived/visited many different places all over the world.

I found Viola’s work to be very expressive, in the terms that the subjects are very good at expressing the feeling of the piece and that the overall idea behind his work just seems emotional. I also noticed his use of water was very apparent in most videos I tried to watch. It was interesting because he used it in many different ways: in both redeeming and destructive fashion. I can not say however how I feel about his work overall. His pieces I feel are meant to be viewed personally, and viewing only bits and pieces on the Internet makes me feel like I haven’t seen the whole story. I think they were meant to be personable and be seen and felt in person. This is somewhat different from other artist we have looked at in Digital Art because the Internet so far has always given me at least a sense of whether or not I at least would like somebody or not as an artist. While he does have a presence on the Internet, it’s more informational, about him and the meaning behind his work, than his actual work itself. I think I would like to see one of his installations to see his work in full in order to gain a better understanding of what his point or message is.

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