The Physiology of Digital Art

Jenny Holzer

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Jenny Holzer is an artist that focuses a lot on text. She uses text in a very distinctive way that can be very profound and thought provoking. She originally focused on printmaking and painting, but she is well known for her use of text as a piece of art. She uses text everywhere from regular signs to benches, t-shirts, and most notably in projection. For the most part she uses text from others, from poets to declassified US documents.

My first and initial feelings of Jenny Holzer’s work is that it has an eerie, intimate feel to it. I found this particularly true in her Projections series, which have been taken over many years in many famous cities. It is almost like the cities are telling you their secrets. It’s almost like the buildings on which the words are projected on have their own memories, imprinted on them for all to see. Some are at times profound and flow like a piece of poetry would. Some are more hidden, words are cut off because of the shape of the building, making it hard to read the whole thing. This just adds to the mystery and feeling of secretiveness. I really liked it. The pieces are vulnerable and are left completely to the  viewer to contemplate meaning or feeling. I think in many ways they make you think and contemplate about the world in way a good book would.

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