The Physiology of Digital Art

Jeff Baij

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To start off, I found Jeff Baij’s work to be interesting to say the least. I will admit that most of the time I was confused and often left wondering what was the point of the piece or collection of works. Even so I couldn’t help but feel there was some humor in some of his works that made them like-able enough that I didn’t need to know the reason behind the piece. I was instead just aloud to feel whatever emotion I was feeling about it and enjoy that. I wasn’t being directed to feel anything specific, or something that the artist themselves wanted to point out or share. In a since it was entirely up to me about what I should be feeling about the art work, not being forcedto by the artist. I simply liked this, especially as many times the meaning behind works can be completely lost on me and go over my head anyway. One of my favorites was from 2009, the Failed Attempts at Making Glow in the Dark Daleks. Being a slight Dr. Who fan I couldn’t help but find these just plain cute and happy (in a weird robot way I guess).

Of course as I said before, and what seems to happen every time I write one of these, I find myself confused by the meaning or message behind the works. This is still very true concerning Jeff Baij’s work. You can see the time he puts into some of the works and also the talent, but much is lost on me. I can’t really tell you what he did in some of his works or why. The pieces on his page right now are interesting to look at, but beyond that I didn’t think about them much. I can quickly move on to the next without really thinking or examining them. I’m sure I’m missing something, but while the initial look is challenging and is of some interest, it is just not THAT interesting for me to continue looking at. All in all I feel that I like some of his works, the ones that have a slight humor hidden behind them keep me coming back, but  others I find lacking and make me move on quicker than I probably should.

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