The Physiology of Digital Art

Robin Rhode

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Robin Rhode was born in South Africa in 1976. He has had an education in the fine arts and works with paints and chalks within photography and digital animations. Many of his works are in a grey scale of color. If there is color it is often carefully thought out to either catch your eye, but most colors are ‘natural’ colors or colors revolving around street life. Brasses and silvers, cement and asphalt, things of this nature. Usually there is only one person present, or none at all. His works are in a sence ‘street-like’. Bringing you to the center of a city, but deserted. Often the background being a wall of a building or a blacktop Many of his influences are due to beginning South African and the entrance of western things into South African culture, like hip-hop and basketball.

Overall, I really like his work. In his animations there is this sort of old film feel for me, it makes me feel nostalgic, like I’m missing something. Usually I don’t like urban settings and often wonder why so many people photograph them. But him Rhode’s work, there is something inviting I feel. Because he is influenced so much by this ‘mixing’ of cultures, he adds something to his work that I feel many others miss. He is obviously playing with not just cultural ideas, but with imagination. But instead of making the viewer have to look deep inside to see the meaning or purpose, he kind of takes you right along from the beginning. I appreciate this and I feel that it makes the piece more enjoyable. I for instance enjoy his photographs where he draws what he doesn’t have on a wall, like a bike, then he interacts with it as if it where real. This has so many levels of statements and meanings. I’d like to think, because I try to be the optimistic type, that he is pointing to the creation out of little or nothing. He acknowledges poverty, but many of his pictures seem hopeful to me, that is to say that even with nothing, you can still create and make something.

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