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Robin Rhode

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Robin Rhode was born in South Africa in 1976. He has had an education in the fine arts and works with paints and chalks within photography and digital animations. Many of his works are in a grey scale of color. If there is color it is often carefully thought out to either catch your eye, […]

Pipilotti Rist

Posted: Monday, February 14th, 2011 @ 12:32 pm in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Pipilotti Rist She is an digital video artist from Switzerland. Most of her work seems to be about women. A lot of it has this surreal feeling, sometimes sad and sometimes eerie. Her works are way beyond strange to me. They deal a┬álot with gender and social issues (I’m guessing), in which I’m not really getting […]

Class Vacation

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Picture w/ 2 others incorporated in Picture w/ 1 other incorperated into it

Cory Arcangel

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Phasing Dancing Stand Sculptures Cory Arcangel is an digital artist who seems a little ADD to me. He has an obvious interest in the digital word and computers in general. His artwork ranges from all sorts of different media types but all some how relate back to technology. I find this a bit overwhelming. It […]