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Matt Siber

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Matt Siber is a photographer with an obvious interest in advertising and how cultures and people react to it. He has a Bachelor’s in History and Geography and a Masters in Photography. Much of his work revolves around advertising in many different dimensions and usually in an urban setting. The changes to his photos ranges […]

Scanogram :)

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Mike Wsol

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*Untitled (Circle Structure), 2004* What I first noticed about Mike Wsol’s work was that it was very simple. It was basic and  used mostly lines that created structuredpieces. Words like simplistic and minimalistic came to mind. For the most part, there was no color, except in some pieces, but this only ever acted as a […]

Prinicples of Design

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Proportion Variety Economy Balance

Jon Gitelson

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Jon Gitelson’s work for the most part is really simple. He looks at ordinary things and captures it. Sometimes he is quirkyand clever. Sometimes I think he lets some of the pictures speak for itself.  He also took really ordinary things and made them slightly off, or different. He adds different elements to his work […]

What is Digital Art?

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Being a Biology Major, I don’t know much about Art in general. I know when I look at something and I like it or when I don’t. Art to me has always been a classic idea of what it has been. Paintings and drawings and such. A digital approach is as a new thought to […]